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Vanguard Tank: Stockstrike to Victory

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With BiS Enhancement slots, so everything except bracers/belt, the max Shield stat is 1128 (12 slots x 94 Shield BiS) so to get to that 1277, you'd need 4-5 Shield Augments.

There are only 10 slots for shield (7 enhancements, 2 implants, ear) so the max is 940 without augments. Looks like you'll have to go nuts with shield augments. Better call up Dukane!
Hmm yeah, I can't math after a 14 hour work day :/
Posted Mar 25, 14
Seijin a
1199 posts
It is still only about 10-11 shield augments, totally doable.
Posted Mar 26, 14 · OP
Seijin a
1199 posts
This is about as close as you can get to BiS from the KBN numbers:
Posted Mar 28, 14 · OP
465 posts
Well....I need to redo just about all of my augments then. Good thing I'm working on getting my armomech worked up.
Posted Mar 28, 14
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