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The DPS Sage

4 replies
Seijin a
So way back when, I converted my Seer Sage to DPS and played that role in operations for a while. In getting ready to put this guide together, I found that Kaedis over at MMO Mechanics has an amazing resource that covers the basics of the class/role very well.

Check it out

So, instead of a guide that would not be as awesome and comprehensive, I will instead relate my experiences and "tips".

I played as a hybrid in the 1/12/28 spec. While this spec has a theoretical maximum DPS that is about 5% less than Telekinetics and 3% less than full balance, I used for a couple reasons:

Lightning is complicated! There are so many buffs/procs/timers to watch that maximal performance in an operation seemed like a tall order, especially with the unmodable UI we used to have.

Full Balance also has a lot of DoTs to track and can have some force issues.

Hybrid is EASY.

With the hybrid spec, you get a lot a lot of force efficiency and have less overall stuff to track as one of the major procs is on your filler. This lets you pay attention to the 1 DoT timer and 1 Proc you have.

Because the hybrid spec is decently force efficient, you cam afford to break off Telekinetic Throw to move and restart as needed. You can also toss bubbles every now and then without having to worry about destroying your DPS potential.

As either Balance of Hybrid, having Force in Balance hotkeyed is essential. You need to be able to click and place it as fast as possible to avoid self-nerfing your DPS.

Force Potency use is also a big part of optimizing your damage. You really want to use it for double Telekinetic throw channels as it will make every tick crit!

With all the DoTs, the elemental proc relic is super amazing and far better than anything else. As a second relic, you will want a Boundless Ages clicky to use in concert with Force Potency and Telekinetic Throw (and your adrenal).

The most difficult thing about a DPS sage is that you have both the best and worst defensive CD at the same time. Force Armor is your only defensive CD. As a DPS Sage, it isnt very powerful, but can be used frequently. Knowing boss mechanics is key to proper usage!

Sages are the only DPS class that really benefits by stacking alacrity. This is because they have no use for Accuracy (every ability is 100% to hit) thereby letting a Sage get enough Alacrity to shave off about 10% of their activation/channel time. Alacrity is more important for Telekinetics and Hybrid sages, but ultimately useful for all builds.

Typing all this out makes me want to DPS on my Sage again... so fun!
Posted Jan 7, 13 · OP
I've been finding the Telekinetic tree isn't that hard, once you know which buff/procs you really need to be on top of. I'll also admit though that Oramis isn't lvl 50 yet. :p
Posted Jan 8, 13
So as Oramis sets his sights on level 50 I thought I would share how I've built him and how I've been playing Telekinetics. Seijin can correct anything I've gotten horribly wrong. :p I'm always open to constructive criticism.

The build I'm using is a 3/31/7 set up. From what I've been reading this is the standard for a tele sage and puts out the most dps for the build. One thing to note is that this is an involved build; there a few things to keep track of to maximize dps. It's not a build for someone who wants to kick back. However it is incredibly resource efficient, so you do have some lee-way in regards to casting bubbles on everyone and maybe some off healing (which I probably won't do unless the group is going to wipe anyways. :p )

This build has 2 DoTs, one of which you should always have, the second you should have up when ever priority allows. The first DoT is Weaken Mind. This is the DoT to always have up, for two reasons; The biggest reason is Turbulence, the capstone ability of the tele tree. Turbulence will auto crit on any target with Weaken Mind. Getting one of your hardest hitting abilities to crit pretty much on demand is really nice. The other reason to always have Weaken Mind up is for Physic Projection; when Weaken Mind crits the next Telekinetic Throw will channel twice as fast and hit twice as hard per tick. The other DoT is Mind Crush. It's not as crucial to the tele sage as Weaken Mind, but it's another DoT and the upfront damage is pretty nice.

Now on to ability priority. This build is a "stand and cast" build. Lots of movement will kill your dps, so find a safe place to stand and then don't move unless the mechanics of the fight demand it. All of the abilities of the tele sage except for Weaken Mind are channeled casts. The opener I've been using, and from what I've been reading is the best for tele sage, is to start with Mind Crush > Weaken Mind > Turbulence > Disturbance x3 then into the priority cycle. This lays on all of your DoTs, give you a nice fat crit from Turbulence and then three stacks of Concentration to bolster your force regeneration rate. After the opener priority for abilities is as follows; Weaken Mind (if it's about to expire, or if it will expire before Turbulence finishes casting) > Turbulence > Mind Crush > Telekinetic Throw if Physic Projection is up > Telekinetic Wave if Tidal Force is up > Disturbance. Disturbance is your filler ability that can be spammed while other abilities are on CD. It can grant Tidal Force, which finishes the CD on Telekinetic Wave and makes the next Telekinetic Wave an instant cast. Using Disturbance as your filler also refreshes your stacks of Concentration, which gives you a lot of force efficiency to work with. Project kinda takes a back seat with the tele build. It's an instant cast, which is nice, but doesn't hit for huge numbers and doesn't grant anything useful for other key abilities. It pretty much gets used only when you need to move but still need to put out at least some damage.

The AOE priority is pretty easy. Cast Forcequake until Tidal Force comes up, then cast Telekinetic Wave. Rinse and repeat until everything is dead. :d

Cool-downs, defensive and burst. What Seijin said about the lack of defensive CDs for the dps sage is true; we get just the one, Force Armor. The nice thing about this build is that you have the force efficiency to use it pretty much all the time if you're soloing, or as needed in ops without killing your resource pool. Tele sages do however get two offensive CDs, one which should always be on CD and the other as the situation demands. For a dps sage Force Potency gives our force attacks a 60% boost to crit chance, for either two crits, or two cast of Telekinetic Throw. This one should be kept on CD. The other offensive CD is Mental Alacrity, which gives us a 20% boost to alacrity and making us immune to interrupts (like push back) for 10 seconds. This gives us a major boost to cast times. From what I've been reading, it's best kept on hold until a burst phase.
Posted Jan 21, 13
Mav a
You both say Bubble is your only defensive cooldown and I guess technically speaking that is true, but don't forget about your Self Heal, I don't know what it is called on a Sage on the Sorc it is Unnatural Preservation, if that crits DPS spec in 61 gear I get around a 6.5k force free heal, pretty defensive ;)
Posted Jan 21, 13
Yeah, I just forgot to mention it.
Posted Jan 21, 13
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