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The Vigilance Guardian

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Seijin a
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This guide is definitely a work in progress and has been put together mostly from my parsing and knowledge of Vigilance. UPDATED 2-4-2014 for 2.6!

I hope that by getting the basics in place, it will serve as a good platform for discussion.

Here is a parse I did on the 1,000,000 HP dummy today after 2.6 went live Jolgalev is in mostly 78 gear, with a 72 MH, Dread Forges SA relic and Obran FR relic fully augmented. No might stim or adrenal was used for this parse.

The Spec

After a lot of reading and some serious thought, I have settled on a 4/36/6 spec. Here is my thinking:

Now with Better Zen Strike!

I feel the wiggle room in the Vigilance tree are the 2 points in Commanding awe, you could put those somewhere else in the tree if you prefer.
Insight is also super useful and worth 3/3 points. It will improve all of your DoTs and Blade Storm. Swelling winds makes Force sweep better but more importantly it gets us to the 2nd tier in Focus and to Swift Slash which increases the critical chance of Slash and Dispatch. Since we can use Dispatch a lot this should be very helpful.

In the Defense Tree, Master Focus is a must have. Master Strike is a huge part of your DPS and this directly improves it. You could move the 2 points in Victory Rush somewhere else, but it should be noted that Momentum is now tied to Shien Form so there will be no running out and leaping back in for free Blade Storms for Vig Guardians. Focus is much more manageable with the 2.6 changes after some OPs runs I may find that the 2 points in Victory Rush are not needed though not sure there is anything to pick up.

They have changed the Vindicator Set bonus at the New tiers of raiding gear. Once you start getting the new tiers I suggest you go with 2 Pieces of Vindicator for the no Range Saber throw, then get the Armoring, and thus the set bonus, from 2 pieces of Weapon Master(Medium armor so put the armoring into a heavy armor piece) gear. That will give you a 8% bonus to Master Strike damage which is a Huge part of your damage already.

The 4 piece bonus in the new tiers is for a Blade Storm damage Buff, while that is good the Master Strike damage buff is better.

Dreag Guard and Below
Both the 2-piece and 4-piece PVE set bonus are good for you. Combat focus will be used pretty much on CD and more focus = more DPS. The 4-piece bonus means that you can use Saber Throw from point blank range, turning it into a great focus generator.

The Opener:

Saber Throw -> Force Leap -> (Relic/adrenal in the air) Master Strike-> Plasma Brand-> Combat Focus (this if off the GCD)->Overhead Slash -> Blade Storm-> Dispatch if it procd ->Master Strike


This is where is starts to get complicated, though hopefully by the end of this guide, it will be less so :sick:

For Priority I would go with this in order, is:

Master Strike, you will get a LOT more master strikes with the new changes you can delay MS by 1-2 GCDs depending on when eitehr PB or OS is coming off of cooldown
Plasma Brand (PB) it does less direct damage but the dot is great
Overhead Slash (OS)
Blade Storm I use it even without 2 stacks of Blade rush but you can hold off for 2 stacks if you want
Sunder if below 5 focus
Saber Throw if below 8 focus
NOTE put Dispatch ahead of Overhead slash once the Boss is below 30%. You will be able to use it on CD and when it Procs.

Force Sweep (Also generates 1 focus)
Force Leap
Force Push
Strike if everything is on CD and you have less than 10 focus
Slash if you have 12 focus.

***Added 2-6-14 You can also look at priority this way. Below is a list of you attacks in order of % of your overall damage, DoT damage was included for BS, OS and PB.

Master Strike 25-30%
Plasma Brand 18.5%
Overhead Slash 18%
Blade Storm 17%
Dispatch 10%

The rest comes from fill and focus builders.

PB and OS and very close in overall damage. PB is most important to keep up because it has the hardest hitting DoT with the most uptime, which gives you more crit chances. If you are about to kill something and switch targets I would go with OS for the greater initial damage. I did this on HCK fights when Heriad was about to die so I could get more uptime with PB on Ciphas.***

Your goal is to turn this priority list into a sustainable rotation that maximizes your DoT uptime and uses your Force Rush and Procs of Dispatch and Master Strike effectively. You will know you are doing it right if you almost never have to use Strike.

Note that Force Sweep and Dispatch will usually be free and still refund 1 focus also if you take AoE damage you should generate focus.

Note: I am 100% serious about this... you should be able to keep all your high damage abilities on CD and rarely, if ever, have to use Strike in your rotation for focus.

You will want to Master Strike as often as you can (
Posted Jan 7, 13 · OP · Last edited Feb 6, 14
671 posts
BTW I also read this thread a bit and it is good.

There is a graph with Diminishing returns linked in that post for 2.0 once you hit level 55 but I do not know if it has been confirmed as correct or not.
Posted Apr 10, 13
559 posts
The link to the spec open to a blank skill tree
Posted Apr 10, 13
671 posts
Thanks Davith, fixed it.
Posted Apr 10, 13
671 posts
Updated the gear section since the set bonuses change at the new tier of gear.
Posted Apr 12, 13
Mavynn a
562 posts
Anybody have a concept of how this stacks up against focus spec for Ops DPS in 2.0? I have no clue and have not tested yet...
Posted Apr 23, 13
Seijin a
1211 posts
@ Mavynn

Check out this thread:
Posted Apr 23, 13 · OP
671 posts
I have been watching that thread a bit as well. Honestly I think they might be on par now. On a dummy they wont't since you never get to use dispatch with focus.
Posted Apr 23, 13
671 posts
I updated the opener and Priority parts to match what I have found works best and from looking at my parses.
Posted May 2, 13
671 posts
Updated the Priority list since i now have both set bonuses and MS hits harder now.
Posted Jun 8, 13
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