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The Scoundrel Healer - HoT Topic

31 replies
Note: The below guide is out of date since 2.0 came out. Revisions were posted in a new thread: http://www.thewalkingcarpets.com/forum/m/3065305/viewthread/8858217-scoundrel-healing-20/post/50435776#p50435776

Scoundrel Healing
First off, I am writing this under protest. Eridos told me to do it, which of course means I wasn’t going to do it at all, but then Jolgalev convinced me to try. My main reservation is that I am by no means an expert. What I write here will be largely based on what Eridos told me to do back when we started end-game stuff, and that was with him never having personally played a scoundrel. Also, I’ve been in the fortunate position of healing the more difficult content in a group almost exclusively with Kusanavi. I think this has made me somewhat lazy since Kus does all the heavy lifting. Specifically, I probably grossly underutilize kolto cloud, the AoE heal. I find it very difficult to use and stay energy high, and with a good sage healer then there’s less need for an AoE since theirs is so good.

Spec: IMO this is optimum: http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/skills/scoundrel#9d86k1eff2-30-k
This is one Eridos likes because it allows you to use dodge as a speed boost. Frankly I don’t think it’s worth it, the boost isn’t even all that fast: http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/skills/scoundrel#9188k1eff2-30-k
In the interest of honesty, this is my actual spec, because I like to be sneaky: http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/skills/scoundrel#9d86k1eff8-fc-0
The extra alacrity might be nice, but it’s a double-edged sword in terms of energy management.

Gear: I don’t know that Karyna is fully optimized, but if you want to see my gear it’s in askmrrobot under “Karyna of Vornskr”: http://swtor.askmrrobot.com/character/b34a7aa4-c14e-4195-9408-5464c07f37ab Basically I try to have enough crit and surge and alacrity, and then the rest power. And as much cunning as possible, and never trade cunning for more endurance. That’s what my tank is for ;) It can be tricky to not trade cunning for endurance with the poor itemization of some of the high-end gear, like black-hole, so I spent a lot of comms buying other random pieces for just one enhancement or just one mod. I think alacrity is key to have some of, since the big heal takes time, but too much of it can be wasteful because you won’t be able to keep your energy up full-out healing.
Gear Set Bonus: The 2 piece healing set bonus is useful, it reduces energy cost of kolto cloud. The 4 piece I don’t bother with because it helps crit of kolto pack which I never use.
Relics: I currently have matrix cube and a campaign relic of ephemeral healing. Eridos argues that BiS is Dreadguard relic of ephemeral healing and Dreadguard relic of Boundless Ages. I don’t like clicky relics. And don’t necessarily want to give up the cunning in my matrix cube.
Augments: IMO, all of your gear should have skill augments, best being the advanced skill augment 22. There may be some argument for power augments instead or mixed in.

About energy management: smugglers and troopers have the beauty and frustration of variable energy regen. Your energy regenerates faster if you have more energy, so you should always keep your energy in the top tier of regeneration (above 60%). Sometimes raid damage requires you to break this rule, in which case you have Cool Head to instantly pop you back up in energy (2 min cooldown). Diagnostic scan can also help if you get energy-starved, see below.

Healing: I’m going to start by explaining the things you should always have up/maintain, then the other heals and how to use it all.

Upper Hand (UH): This is a proc. It can stack up to 3X, and expires after 16 sec unless refreshed. You should ALWAYS have at least 1 stack and basically never have 3. Why? Always have 1 because having 1 increases your healing output by 6%. Never have 3 because as explained below, you can expect to get UH periodically from crits of your HoT. If it crits and you have 3 already, then you basically “lose” an UH. Since each UH directly equals 1 instant heal (emergency medpac, see below) this is a waste. Another reason to always have at least 1 is explained w/ emergency medpac below.
Pugnacity: This is an energy regeneration buff. It consumes 1 UH to use it, but it lasts for 45 sec. You should always always have pugnacity active, so make sure you hit it every time it is about to wear off. Note the cooldown is 35 seconds and it lasts 45, I usually just notice when the cooldown is up and then hit it asap after that when I have a spare UH so that I don’t have to watch the buff itself. Because, once again, I’m lazy.

Slow-release medpac (HoT): I’m going to just refer to this as the HoT, even though the AoE heal is also a HoT. Deal with it. This heals for 18 sec, and can stack 2X. Importantly, you only need to cast 1 HoT on a tank that already has 2 in order to refresh the stack. So you should always have 2 stacks of HoT on your primary healing target (either your assigned tank or the tank that is currently taking the most damage) and you should ALWAYS refresh it right before it expires. If you let it expire than you have to recast it twice to get 2 stacks back up, and this is a big energy waste. This is far and away my favorite heal. It might not heal for the most – it’s usually about 20% of my total heals, and 2 stacks gives about 880 hp per tick to my tank. But that’s EVERY 3 sec. With me only needing to cast it every 15-18 sec. And it crits for me over 40%, with crits giving 1500 HP. (Please note I’m grabbing numbers from a parse of HM TFB, so I’m sure I was in at least full 61 gear). The real reason I rely on this heal so much, however, is because it really helps keep my tank alive during spike damage. I throw my big heals at them, but have the HoT constantly contributing as well, and the end result is I can get really high focused HPS on a tank when they need it the most – so long as I kept the stacks of the HoT on them in advance. If I don’t have them there already, then it’s a fast energy drain and time drain to try to cast 2 HoTs AND use big heals. Alright, getting off my soapbox now. Oh – I almost forgot the other reason the HoT rocks. When it crits it grants UH, which is useful for the reasons explained above in the UH section, and below in the emergency medpac section. This UH grantage can only happen once every 4.5 sec (if I understand the tooltip correctly).

Underworld medicine (big heal): This is the big basic heal. It takes a little while to cast depending on your alacrity – for Karyna right now it’s 1.82 s, and heals for a bit over 3K w/o crit, and 6.5-8.1K with crit (okay, in the interest of full disclosure, I only ever get over 8K when healing myself with the big heal, and that’s when I’ve popped defense shield which grants a healing-taken bonus). Importantly, every time you cast the big heal you get UH.

Emergency medpac (instant heal): This is an instant heal that consumes 1 stack of UH. It gives me roughly 2K hp or 3K with crit. The highlights of this heal are that it’s free (in terms of energy) and fast (just global CD). Even better, when your target is below 30% health, using the instant heal on them regrants UH. This means you can basically spam this heal on any target under 30% with no cost whatsoever and with reasonable speed. This is the other reason you should always have at least 1 stack of UH. If someone drops below 30% you really need to have UH ready to use for emergency medpac.

Kolto Cloud (AoE HoT): You cast this on a single target, but it will put the heal onto up to 3 other targets (so 4 total) within 10m of that target. I say “put the heal” on them to emphasize that the heal will actually be a HoT on those players for 6 seconds, regardless of whether they then move more than 10m away from your original target. The disadvantage of this heal is that you can’t pick which 4 it will heal, so if the whole raid is in 1 spot you have to just hope it goes on the people who need it most. It can be useful for small groups, for example casting it on a tank with melee nearby, or casting it on a ranged player if your ranged is grouped up and taking some damage. It is a pretty energy intensive heal, which is one of the main reasons I don’t use it very frequently. I am also not very good at positional awareness. If you are good at paying attention to where everyone is all the time, you could probably make good use of this heal. I tend to have health-bar tunnel vision – I see health bars, and karyna’s feet (in case I need to move out of a red circle). That’s pretty much it. So if I see that a couple melee dps need healing (based on health bars) I might throw the AoE on one of them, but I’m mostly hoping that since they are melee they will be close to other melees and the tank so that it won’t be a total waste. One great thing about this heal is that it’s instant cast.

Diagnostic Scan: This is a free heal, consumes no energy. You have to stand still while casting it, and it ticks every … I don’t know. It ticks. When it crits it gives you back some energy. As far as healing goes this thing... well, doesn’t heal much. But if you are out of energy at least it heals a little AND gets you back into a good energy regen zone faster. This can be useful to put in your rotation when using energy intensive heals – for example if you cast kolto cloud and it puts you down to 60%, you can use diagnostic scan for a couple sec to put you up high enough to use your big heal w/o getting super energy low.

Kolto Pack: I don’t know what this does, I took it off my bar ages ago. No, seriously. It consumes UH, yet still takes time to cast AND consumes energy. Lose-lose situation as far as I’m concerned. I’ve read that you can technically eke out more HPS with this heal, but it will also drain you of energy to do it, so it might be useful in “oh ****” situations. Feel free to comment below if you use it and love it. Oh, BTW, since I never use this heal I don’t bother with the 4 piece healing set bonus, because this heal is the only thing it effects.

Karyna’s Rules of Healing:

First: Always have pugnacity up, always have 2 stacks of HoT on tank.

Second: If you have 3 stacks of UH, always use instant heal (e. medpac) to top someone off. If you have 2 stacks, you should also use e. medpac, but it’s less urgent.

Third: If you have 1 stack of UH (or less, if you broke rule #1) cast big heal.

Fourth: If you can hit at least 3 targets that need some healing, cast AoE.

Fifth: if energy is low, use cool head (2 min cooldown) or diagnostic scan.

Sixth: Always purge. I didn’t talk about the purge above, I think it’s called triage. In some boss fights it’s critical to purge people right away, so watch health bars for debuffs that are cleansable. Even if it’s not critical (ie, they are just on fire, no big deal) purging keeps damage from happening, plus heals for a small amount. IMO, it’s always better to have people take less damage then to have to heal them more later. What’s frustrating is that it’s hard to tell what debuffs are cleansable, this comes from experience with the fights more than anything else.

What I actually do (rotation): I basically alternate between big heal and instant heal (underworld medicine and emergency medpac), while keeping HoTs refreshed, pugnacity up and debuffs/DoTs purged.

BEFORE the fight starts I put 2 stacks of HoT on tank, which usually means I get UH and therefore activate pugnacity before the fight begins as well, plus my energy will be back at 100% by the time we are running in and I can refresh the HoT while moving towards fight position. Sometimes the rotation is big heal>instant heal>instant heal since crits from the HoT will be giving me extra UH. I primarily use the big heal on a tank that’s taking boss damage and if there’s also some manageable raid damage I use emergency medpac on the dps. Obviously if the raid is taking a lot of damage then I need to focus heal some of the dps as well with big heals or kolto cloud. Note: Another viable way to prep before a fight is to cast underworld medicine on yourself (or a random group member) until you have 3 stacks of UH (and hit pugnacity), and then maintain that. I prefer HoTs on tank because (a) you’re ready for the initial damage the tank will take (b) you can refresh the HoT on tank while running into position, while you can’t cast underworld medicine on yourself while running, so you might lose your stacks depending on the timing of the pull.

A note about healing yourself/CDs: You should heal yourself. It’s actually kind of important. If you pull aggro while killing mobs, you can try surrendering – but it’s usually easiest to just use disappearing act since it drops completely. Defense shield is a decent CD, and if you use my spec it increases healing to yourself, so it’s a good way to recover. I usually throw in dodge too while the damage is being dealt, if I can.
Healing and running: It’s hard to heal and move. All the rules above basically breakdown when there’s too much movement. I use my HoT freely on anyone that needs healing at this time, as well as kolto cloud on cooldown. Obviously you can use emergency medpac but you can’t get it back as fast without using underworld medicine so you will run out of UH.

Other cool things about scoundrels:

Disappearing act drops you completely out of combat. You can therefore sometimes revive a group member without the battle revive (for example, if you’ve already battled rezzed someone). This doesn’t always work because sometimes you get pulled back into battle by boss aoe damage or something else before the revive cast finishes.

Blaster Whip grants UH. This isn’t always useful since I primarily heal from a ranged position, but once in a while if I am in melee range I try to use it because my DPS is oh so important to the raid and I then can throw a medpac at someone. The other main dps ability I use (if healing is in control) is vital shot. And flyby for killing mobs of course. Because it’s awesome.
Posted Dec 29, 12 · OP · Last edited Oct 7, 13
Very nice write up... I don't see anything that I can correct. :p

I would have just written Emergency Medpac is the best heal in the game. Kus can keep his yellow puddle, I will take Emergency Medpac.

Other thing I try to do differently before a pull is get 3 stacks of upperhand have pugnacity up and be at full energy. This isn't always easy since you are dealing with 8 people being ready at once, but I do attempt to do this because many times during the initatial pull damage can be spread out with aggro pulls and raid wide aoe damage. This help me keep my energy up for the intial spike damage and hopefully I can save coolhead for when I need it later.

I am also really working on using Diagnostic Scan more duing lulls in damage to get my energy up to 100%. I use to just pop Pugnacity and wait for energy to come up in lulls. However, lulls are usually followed by spike damage even in mob pulls. So I really attempt to get my energy as high as possible and keep Coolhead where I can use it when I absolutely need to use it.

I was always afraid to use Disappearing Act outside of a wipe or attempted stealth revive. I was affraid I would just send the mobs running to the other healer. However, I now use it more often. If notthing else it give me the ability to stand still long enough to get off a Underworld medicine to get upper hand back up.

I was told before I started healing groups I should never heal myself. Of course this was told to me by a non-healer. To me healing is about knowing who to heal and when. Have it pretty easy here. Keep tanks, healer and dps up. All dps is pretty good, so I try to throw out heals equally as needed. This isn't always the case. You can get in groups where low dps is standing in lava (AoEs) the entire fight. If you concentrate on keeping him/her up, the group will wipe. So I will concentrate my heals on tanks, healers and then the actual dps following the group leaders instructions. I will try to keep the lava stander on his/her feet, but I will not break my energy management and everyone else will have priority over them. Now when we get to a burn phase…I am going to concentrate on highest dps, this is difficult since I don’t always know who is the highest dps, so I pretty much try to heal everyone, but Brem. :p
Posted Dec 30, 12
mimartin (Bremiaha) wrote:
You can get in groups where low dps is standing in lava (AoEs) the entire fight. If you concentrate on keeping him/her up, the group will wipe. So I will concentrate my heals on tanks, healers and then the actual dps following the group leaders instructions. I will try to keep the lava stander on his/her feet, but I will not break my energy management and everyone else will have priority over them.

DPS that stand in AOEs deserve to die. :p I honestly try my best not to so I can make life easier for healers, but everyone messes up sometimes. I've gotten lucky with it a few times, and I've taken my lumps when I don't get lucky.

Personally I'm loving these guides, even for classes and roles I don't play or haven't gotten to yet. I like knowing in general terms what everyone is doing cause it allows me to be a better group member. :d
Posted Dec 30, 12
Mavynn a
Great guide. I played a healer for several years in an mmo not to be named, and this makes me want to heal again.
Posted Dec 31, 12
On the topic of Kolto Pack - It's a full second faster than UM (baseline), uses less energy 20 vs 25, but it does require an UH and heals for slightly less than UM. BUT, the 4 piece set bonus increases KPs crit chance by 15%. That is significant.

That being said, while I do have it on my bar, I often forget about it. I find that I typically use it in the "OMG someone's gonna die" moments because it heals more than two EMs in the same kind of time and only uses 1 UH.

That being said, I have been playing healers in RPGs for a LONG time. I came to realize very quickly, it is an art form not a science; there is no one set way to heal anybody or anything because it is a 100% reactive process. So you do not use KP and I do. That does not mean one of us is "right" and the other is "wrong", we just have different styles.
Posted Jan 3, 13
Don't get me started... I am a firm believer in Emergency Medpac. No one will ever convince me that it isn't the best heal in the game.

1. it is instant
2. Above 30% it uses no energy just 1 upper hand
3. But the reason it is the greatest IMO is, Below 30 it is free. Does not cost upper hand and does not cost energy (well it cost upperhand, but it regrants it).

I have spammed upper hand on myself long enough for tank and dps to travel from the beginning of HMLI to the last boss area when I inadvertently pulled a mob after using disappearing act. Not sure how long it was, but it had to be almost 5 mins.

I knew nothing of healing when I started playing TOR last December, so when I hit 50 I used Kolto Pack, but personally I found it to be too costly and killed my energy management. Underworld Medicine does cost more energy, but it also grants UH, which to me is more important than the difference in energy cost and time. If I need something fast, can’t get much faster than instant, so I use Emergecy Medpac and if I need a big heal on someone above 30% I use Underworld Medicine since not only does it heal big, it also grants upper hand.

Just my 2 cents

Like you wrote to each his/her own, but for me personally kolto pack was just a big resourse drain.
Posted Jan 3, 13
DaBeerds wrote:
On the topic of Kolto Pack - It's a full second faster than UM (baseline), uses less energy 20 vs 25, but it does require an UH and heals for slightly less than UM. BUT, the 4 piece set bonus increases KPs crit chance by 15%. That is significant.

That being said, while I do have it on my bar, I often forget about it. I find that I typically use it in the "OMG someone's gonna die" moments because it heals more than two EMs in the same kind of time and only uses 1 UH.

That being said, I have been playing healers in RPGs for a LONG time. I came to realize very quickly, it is an art form not a science; there is no one set way to heal anybody or anything because it is a 100% reactive process. So you do not use KP and I do. That does not mean one of us is "right" and the other is "wrong", we just have different styles.

Thanks Car'Beerd, I was kind of hoping someone would chime in for KP since it doesn't make much sense to me in general. You have forced me to take a closer look at it :)

First off, I agree with you that it probably comes down in large part to healing style. My healing style could best be described as "lazy". I should probably retitle this thread to reflect that. I am not an experienced MMOer, and my healing style partly reflects the fact that I have a hard time keeping on top of everything. I therefore work with the easiest healing rotation I have found that keeps everyone alive while allowing me wriggle room for movement, purging, and generally trying to pay attention to everything at once (healthbars, DoTs, LoS and range to party members, avoiding incoming damage to me and popping defensive CD when needed, etc). The main complication of using KP, in my opinion, (other than just having one more ability on your bar to think about and decide when to use) is that it raises serious energy management issues for me. More difficult energy management means a more difficult healing rotation to maintain, and I like it easy ;-)

To elaborate – alternating Underworld Medicine with Emergency Medpac allows my energy to stay up because while EM is an instant cast, the time for the GCD before my next cast is time for my energy to regenerate. UM gives me UH, I then use EM to use up that UH and give energy time to regenerate. This is of course balanced with the other energy drains, primarily keeping the HoT up on the tank. My main reason kolto cloud isn’t in my regular rotation is because of the energy cost as well.
To clarify something else, while the “base” healing time of underworld medicine is indeed 2.5 sec, there is no reason a sawbones would not choose the talent to make it 2 sec. It is therefore only .5 sec slower than KP. These are rough healing, cast time, and energy costs for these heals with Karyna’s gear and spec (sort of – I’m just looking at the tooltip and not stimmed or with every buff):
HealCast TimeEnergyAmount of HealUpper Hand
Underworld Medicine1.82s252964-3283grants 1 UH
Kolto Pack1.36s202559-2877Uses 1 UH
Emergency Medpacinstant01594-2166consumes 1 UH – but casting on target with < 30% health regrants UH
Kolto Cloud0223206 over 6s up to 4 targets

Looking into it some more, I do think the increased crit chance with the set bonus gives KP an edge for HPS. I think in a situation where the tank was taking heavy spike damage but their health was still staying in a safe zone, you could work in a KP every so often instead of EM to boost HPS – especially with that 4-piece set bonus. It could not be done as a full alternative to EM because it would drain energy too quickly.

My thinking is a bit different than yours in those "OMG someone's gonna die" moments. I usually define one of those moments as a time when a target’s health is below 30%. In that case, EM would consume ZERO UH, because it regrants UH on targets under 30% health. Also, healing from EM goes out instantly, meaning you really have to compare 2 EMs (1.5s due to glocal cooldown) versus 1 KP (slightly less than 1.5 with alacrity). For me then 1 KP is 2559-2877 while 2 EM is 3188-4332 and half of that EM healing is coming instantly, which may be the difference between life or death.

And, like I mentioned, KP would always consume 1 UH (not to mention 20 energy), while 2 EMs would consume 0 energy and 0 UH if target is under 30%. This means that by using EM in these situations, you are better equipped to resume healing as normal than if you used KP due to the difference in energy consumption.

Of course, that doesn’t take into account crit, and if I parsed many “OMG” situations using KP versus EM, probably you’d get more healing on average out of the KP use because of the increased crit chance. However, I would hesitate to count on crit when faced with low health bars. Still… my current crit chance is over 35%, so the bonus brings KP to 50%. Having a 50% chance to heal a target for 6K in 1.4s definitely has its appeal. I think this is one of those places where, like you said, it does just come down to style and preference of the individual healer and also what other circumstances are involved. In the burn phase at the end of a boss fight you might be less concerned with recovering your energy later, for example.

As a small sidenote on the topic of Kolto Pack, new healers should note that the UH gets consumed at the END of the KP cast. Therefore, it is possible for your UH to expire before the cast finishes, in which case your KP would misfire and you would waste the time of the cast but not get a heal out of it (plus waste that UH, when an EM would have used it up instantly). In a raid healing situation I doubt this is a big issue, you should be regaining (and using) UH often enough that expiration time isn’t an issue (UH lasts for 16s).
Posted Jan 3, 13 · OP
I agree that our definition of the OMG moment is different. 50% is my cut off and that stems from other MMOs where if you don't keep the tank topped off at all times you are typically in trouble :). It's funny, when I play my tank I invariably get nervous if my health is below 50% - I start popping defensive cooldowns like crazy. And yet it is really only when I get below 30% health that I am in risk of dying. Old habits are hard to break.

As for KP casting when UH expires, I'm not sure that's how it works. Is there evidence of what you are claiming?
Posted Jan 4, 13
DaBeerds wrote:
As for KP casting when UH expires, I'm not sure that's how it works. Is there evidence of what you are claiming?
I have no evidence beyond experience when I use to use KP. I know it did it back then, but they may have patched that (don't know), but that should be something very easy to test.

I have noticed that they must have patched force leap and heals, not sure when, I have gotten where I would break the heal off when people jumped out of range during a heal, but the other night I missed breaking one off and I noticed the heal did hit. Either that or Karyna or Vin hit them with a heal at the same time, but I doubt that since they were both behind me.

I also try to keep everyone topped off. Which is very noticeable in my overheal numbers in operations. I throw out more heals than Karyna, usually have higher HPS, but she usually has better effective heals and contributes way more DPS than me. She also is way better a noticing debuff and calling them out. I usually do not notice debuffs on other until they start losing substantial health and I start wondering where the damage is coming from. I like keeping everyone's health as high as possible, because I believe people are better at their role if they are not worried about dying. That does not mean I want them to forget about ways to mitigate damage, it just means I want them more worried about their role than that. I have been in boss fights (and mob fights) when I pulled numbers that amazed me (over 2200 hps), but most of those fights have been unsuccessful fights for the group. Great practice and fun for me, but a real waste of time and repair bills for the group. We all need to remember a tank, healer or dps is only as good as the rest of the group and anything we can do to make the other roles job easier or less stressful helps the group, so I try to keep people topped off as much as possible.
Posted Jan 4, 13
Regarding KP not finishing if UH expires, I read this on forums yesterday when I was looking into this, which is the only reason I was thinking about it at all. I know it is true however, because it happened to me once when I was randomly throwing stuff at Corso on the fleet to see what numbers I'd get from my heals. (yeah, I'm too lazy to go a training dummy apparently).

I also think keeping the raid at full health as much as possible is important Mim, and I think some of your differences with overheal come from increased use of kolto cloud, which can hit people that don't need it at all. I don't think that is a bad thing though, and I actually think the fact I rarely use it and you use it more worked out well for us healing HM TFB together the other night. The place where I see my healing needing the biggest improvement right now is getting effective kolto cloud use into my rotation.

A tank hitting 50% health is definitely a concern for me, and frankly I expect my tanks to be using their defensive cooldowns at that point. Honestly, when possible I expect my tanks to be using their defensive cooldowns on... cooldown... in fights that involve heavy spike damage concentrated at them. Surviving fights in the harder content is a learning experience usually, and I've found tank survival depends on the tanks figuring out when they are going to take the hardest hits and figuring out how to mitigate that as much as possible, and the healers figuring out when those heavy hits are going to come as well so you know the moments where if you aren't full out healing the tank and only the tank, they will die. BUT - a tank hitting 50% health is actually not that abnormal in many of these fights, and it is not a point where I would start using more energy-intensive heals because it would wipe the raid for me to run out of energy every time a tank hit 50%. That said, if I have a lot of energy and 3 stacks of UH, KP might be a good option in those cases. I do not use Cool Head on cooldown, I know that using it more often would mean I could boost my hps, but I need a safety net for when unexpected damage occurs to the raid that I need to quickly burn energy to overcome. I usually use Cool Head once per boss fight, sometimes twice on longer fights.

I guess the way I see it, KP has a small advantage in very specific situations. These situations involve: no movement, high energy, at least 2 stacks of UH, target in need of big heals but above 30% (so maybe 40-60% range). For me it'd probably have to be 3 stacks of UH, so that I can chase it with a medpac instead of underworld medicine, and my HoT not in danger of expiring since I need energy for that cast as well. In THOSE situations, I could use KP while keeping energy in a high regen zone without needing to slow down my heals to get it caught up or use diagnostic scan to catch it up.

Another note, without increased crit chance from the set bonus I don't see the point of using KP at all, I don't consider the 1/2 sec and 5 energy advantage over underworld medicine to be enough to justify using it instead of EM when I have UH or UM when I have time to stand still and energy. WITH the set bonus I think it would increase hps in those situations described above, but I expect this will be a moderate increase, and for a player with my skill level (low) it might not be something I can work in because it requires quickly identifying those situations and putting another heal on your quickbar to use for them, which means moving something else OFF of your quickbar to make room for it.
Posted Jan 4, 13 · OP
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