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The Gunnery Commando or Grav Round FTW

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The Gunnery Commando

The Gunnery Commando can produce good Dps for end game play. While the commando has quite a few powers to choose from for end game play the decisions are easy with a small rotation being extremely effective. With some other abilities thrown in for large Mobs and Adds.

The Spec

This spec has some room to play with in talent points. Within the Gunnery tree the points in the Points in Heavy Trooper, Advance the Line and Tenacious Defense are filler and you can put them wherever you choose within the Gunnery Tree.

The most important aspect of this Spec are
1. Grav Round and its linking talents.
2. Rotary Cannon, which gets you Curtain of Fire(CoF)
3. Any power that gives bonuses to Grav Round, Full Auto, Demolition Round or High Impact Bolt.

New commando things and stats.

Electro net; new attack does high damage slows the target and does additional damage if the target moves. Not just a PvP ability.

Gravity Vortex is no longer a stacking debuff but a single debuff and it lasts longer. Much less chance it falls off during movement phases.

Resource Pool; now a 100 point pool not a 12 point pool the cost of abilities has been redone this is mostly a good change for commandos.

Alacrity; You get 3% from Plasma Cell and 2 % from the Assault tree. This now lowers cast times, animation, improves resource regen and can lower the Global Cool Down. not sure if we want more than 5% yet.

Accuracy; Tech attacks now can be Resisted by Elite and higher enemies, this can be prevented by getting your accuracy to 110/100%(Tech Force / melee ranged) you should have 3% from the tree and 1% from companions so you only need enough accuracy to get an additional 6%, I think this is around 400 points. This is VERY important the first time you see a Demo round get Resisted it sucks.

Crit; Not sure about crit yet but I am seeing 2 schools of thought. Get between 200-300 points of crit and then go with power or just go with power.

Surge; you want to get to about 25% from points which I think is around 600.

Power; adds damage all other points should go here.

Augments; your augments should be the Aim augments.

Priority; Get Accuracy up to 110/100%, then surge, then power/crit.


Tech Override-> Reserve Power Cell(grants 2 instant casts)-> Plasma Grenade ->Grav Round-> Demo Round ->Full Auto(with CoFproc or without)

Because of the 2 instant casts you are really going to front load some damage be careful about pulling threat.

Grav round now applies a Single Debuff to the target, no more stacks! This really improves our Burst DPS

1. Full Auto with Curtain of Fire
2. High Impact Bolt with 5 stacks of Charged Barrel
3. Demo Round on Cool Down as long as Gravity Vortex is on the target
4. Grav Round to refresh Gravity Vortex (which shouldn’t fall off if at all possible) and get stacks of Charged Barrel. Luckily each shot should apply Vortex and gain you 2 Charged barrel.
5. Full Auto with no Curtain of Fire
6. Electro Net the new ability, does good damage and if you know the boss moves around does better damage.
7. Mortar Volley it just does great damage
9. Plasma Grenade with Tech Override.
8. Hammer shots (when forced to move or when ammo is low without Recharge Cells available)

If you have to kill adds use the normal abilities. Mortar Volley, Plasma Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Hail of Bolts.

Grav Round is the power the Gunnery Commando centers on. It applies the Debuff, grants Charged barrel and even Charged Barrier. It also is what Curtain of Fire Procs off of which makes Full Auto even better.

As a Gunnery Commando you should only Move when necessary because of bosses moving or fight Mechanics. Moving a lot will reduce your DPS.

Utility Skills and Defensive Cool Downs.

Reactive Shield: Grants 25% Damage Reduction for 12 seconds, very good and with 2 points in Reflexive Shield it get better. The CD is lowered each time you take damage.

Hold The Line: Gets rid of movement impairing effects and increases run speed. good for pvp and some boss mechanics

Kolto Bomb: This used to be a Medic only skill and now all commandos get it. Useful for quick aoe off heals and filler.

Diversion: The Commando Threat dump, use it after the opener then on CD. Just makes everyone's life easier.

For trash packs use the normal aoe abilities; mortar volley, Plasma grenade, hail of bolts, pulse cannon, etc.
Posted Dec 28, 12 · OP · Last edited Apr 21, 13
Seijin a
Hey Jolg,

I have been leveling up my BH and doing some research, I think there are some improvements that can be made to the opener and priority system section here:

First off, there isn't really a good reason to blow all those CDs at the beginning. This is especially true when starting from a 100% resource perspective.
Because maximizing DPS revolves around getting the most out of Full Auto and Grav Round can reset the CD on FA, it is best to start by getting FA on CD.
Also, getting the CDs on Demo Round and HiB seperated really helps overall DPS as well.

So, the opener turns into something like:
Full Auto -> Grav Round -> Demo Round -> Grav Round* -> Grav Round* -> HiB
*If Curtain of Fire procs, skip Grav Round in this spot and just use Full Auto instead and the proceed on with the opener.

Special Note: If your opener pushes you in the 60-70% Ammo range, then you want to hit Reserve Power Cell and Mortar Volley or Plasma Grenade (with Mortar Volley being the first choice). The idea here is that the channel time on Mortar Volley in combo with the cooldown will get you back to acceptable Ammo status while still allowing you to put out good DPS. This is a trick that can be played in many situations beyond the opener too!

Rotation Priority System:

1) Hammer Shot if below 77 Ammo - Never use Hammer Shot above 77 Ammo
2) Full Auto - Use it every time it is available. Seriously!
3) Demo Round - Use it every time it is available. Seriously!
4) HiB - Ideally you use this with 5X Charged Barrels. It is OK to just use on CD though, as generally you will have 5X Charged Barrels when it is ready to use.
5) Grav Round - When the above 3 are on CD, use this.

That is really it for when you can just stand there and dish out damage.

In cases were you need to move, you want to be using the following priority system:

1) Hammer Shot if below 77 Ammo
2) HiB - Ideally you use this with 5X Charged Barrels. It is OK to just use on CD though, as generally you will have 5X Charged Barrels when it is ready to use.
3) Tech Overide + Plasma Grenade
4) Tech Override + Grav Round
5) Electronet
6) Hammer Shot

Using this priority system and keeping Recharge Cells + Reserce Powercell pretty much on CD, you rarely ever have to Hammer Shot. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes keeping Full Auto on CD as you regen so much Ammo doing so.
Posted Jun 26, 13
Great notes! I honestly haven't played my commando since hitting 55 so most of my info came from the forums and hitting the dummy.
Posted Jun 26, 13 · OP
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